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Dr. Moleski is a licensed clinical psychologist, pediatric neuropsychologist, and licensed educational psychologist located in Sacramento, and serving all of California. Services include assessment and diagnosis, special education consultation, neuropsychological evaluation, behavioral intervention, and therapy. Areas of expertise include learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD, & other disorders of behavior or attention, giftedness assessment, Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders, bipolar spectrum disorders & other emotional disabilities, mental retardation, health impairments affecting cognition, and low incidence disabilities.

Are you concerned about your child’s…

  • yesBehavior
  • Intellectual performance
  • Attention & learning ability
  • Language functioning
  • Emotional health
  • Academic progress
  • Social skills

Do you need…

  • A comprehensive assessment?
  • Special education consultation?
  • Neuropsychological evaluation?
  • Behavioral intervention?
  • Giftedness assessment?
  • Expert opinion or testimony?
  • Psychotherapy?