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anatomy teacher's brain labeledDo You Need Help?

  • Do you have a student with issues that are beyond the scope of your school psychologists’ expertise?
  • Do you have a student who needs an expert behavioral assessment & intervention?
  • Do you have requests for second opinion assessments or for psychotherapy?
  • Are you faced with a student with a low-incidence disability or cluster of complex problems that require a neuropsychological assessment or expert opinion?
  • Are you understaffed & need help with initials & reevaluations?
  • Does your staff need training on new assessment instruments or would you like to overhaul your staff’s current assessment protocols?
  • Do you need a licensed psychologist with training & experience in the educational system to supervise and/or consult with your school psychologists?
  • Does your staff need training on behavioral management, specific disorders, or “sensitivity” training for parental interactions (e.g. IEP meetings)?

“Dr. Moleski is a professional psychologist of the highest caliber. She has outstanding diagnostic, assessment, and intervention skills, as well as exceptional written and verbal communication skills. She is also a talented neuropsychologist, and her expertise in this area proved to be an invaluable asset, especially in regards to low-incidence disabilities and “high-profile” cases that were legally involved.  I received many compliments from parents and employees who were impressed with Dr. Moleski’s meticulous assessments, her technical expertise, and her child advocacy skills and compassion.

 comment from a Licensed Psychologist & Special Education Director  

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