Your Questions

Do you assess adults?

I regularly assess young adults who believe they have issues related to disorders that are typically diagnosed in childhood (e.g. ADHD, learning disorders, etc.).

Would you attend my child’s IEP meeting and be his/her advocate?

If I have assessed your child, I will attend meetings via phone or skype at my hourly rate (I do not attend IEPs in person).  If I have not assessed and diagnosed your child, then I have no business at any meeting about him or her.

Although I will provide recommendations as to what I know to be the best interventions and/or placement, I am not an attorney, nor am I the only one whose opinion matters when I am part of an IEP team.

I believe my son has a learning problem and I am homeschooling him.  Can you help me?

Yes, I regularly see many parentswho are homeschooling their children.  I can not only assess and diagnose him (if applicable), but I will provide you with educational recommendations.

I am seeking your services because I want the school to provide an aide for my child in the classroom.

If you already believe that you know what is best for your child, you do not need me.  You need an attorney.

Helping Parents Is My Business